Sensodyne Case Study

Using Emerging Tech to Find a New Audience

An enhanced market presence requires digital strategy


Sensodyne is the #1 dentist recommended sensitivity toothpaste brand around the world. Continued brand growth required increased penetration and an enhanced market presence, especially via digital as it is an increasingly accessible channel for all markets in over 50 countries worldwide.


As the Sensodyne brand has developed at varying rates in different markets, the digital strategy and activation solution needed to allow mature markets to gain share and new markets to create a strong initial brand presence. It also had to support the base brand as well as frequent product innovations. The solution needed to be scalable in infrastructure, content, language selection, and channel-specific drivers.


Since the brand goals centered around increasing condition awareness and brand preference, the Sensodyne global brand team and BRUNNER collaborated on a digital strategy that had a modular website as the hub and a host of digital activation drivers to drive traffic to the website.

BRUNNER created a first move in the category by providing patients a useful video chatbot tool, “Ask a Dentist” which allowed the user to submit their question and receive a video response in real-time. A “Product Finder” tool was also created to help users select the right Sensodyne for their needs. Local markets also had the option to add promotions, coupons and eCRM programs.


• Sensodyne continues to grow its global share as the #1 sensitivity toothpaste, beating out larger competitors such as Colgate and Crest.

• Over 50 international markets now have a Sensodyne digital presence that continues to grow with the introduction of each new product innovation.


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