84 Lumber Case Study

Building A Brand In 90 Seconds

The journey began on the largest stage


Nothing too big, really. Just create a very big splash for the nation's largest private building materials supplier with a very niche and little known brand.


On advertising's biggest stage. With the whole nation literally watching. Oh, and on a timeline that would only be described as "non-traditional" by most agencies.


A non-traditional, 90-second Super Bowl spot that conveys the core values of the company in a disruptive way that appeals to current brand loyalists, the expanding core audience of Millennials and a core group of prospective employees. Not to mention an integrated mix of support that included advertising, public relations, digital experiences, and social media.


84 Lumber challenged us to make sure the world knew who 84 Lumber was. They challenged us to do something BIG. And we delivered. In spades. We drove engagement around the brand and the brand's values for more than three weeks, not just three hours during a football game. And that's just the beginning. The numbers not only dwarf anything 84 Lumber has ever done, they rival what any brand has ever done, anywhere.


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