The Home Depot Rental Case Study

Digital Performance Marketing Increases Orders by 751%

Paid campaign efficiency soars


With a fleet of products in more than 1,100 select rental locations through their strategic partnership with The Home Depot, The Home Depot Rental, formerly Compact Power Equipment Rental (CPE), had to wrangle enormous amounts of data.


Using BRUNNER’S proprietary data analytics tools and methodologies, we immediately noticed a striking opportunity in their paid campaign management to improve appropriate budget allocation and analysis of large amounts of data.


Brunner would scale and improve the strategy and performance of the paid media programs, inclusive of search engine optimization, paid search, paid social, and display. By creating new campaigns that were more strategically organized by market, campaign and program type, we made performance monitoring and budgeting far more efficient.


  • Improved ROI from 3:1 to 8:1 delivered through efficiency and improved results
  • Campaign averaged a 751% increase in orders per month
  • Achieved a 29% lower CPA (Cost Per Acquisition)
  • Rollout of VIP Program across select Home Depot locations led to a win-win, with Home Depot purchasing the company


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