Shared Hope Case Study

Live Action Campaign Confronts Devastating Issue

7 million+ impressions boost awareness of nonprofit mission


Shared Hope International has the daunting mission to eradicate sex trafficking. Each year 100,000 children are forced into prostitution and, sadly, the average age is only 13. With limited funds to put towards a media buy, the team was tasked with raising awareness and advocacy for this groundbreaking nonprofit organization. 


The annual Shared Hope International conference in Washington, D.C. would host multiple media events and engage well-known policy makers and speakers. Implementing a PR and social strategy during the conference would amplify the conversation. 


An attention-grabbing, life-size doll box was built and placed in the downtown area with a teenage model inside. To help Shared Hope International bring attention to its critical mission, resources were dedicated to getting the message out in the Washington, D.C. market.


By capitalizing on BRUNNER’s long-term relationships with media partners, multiple PSA placements were secured allowing the message to be seen and heard on radio, on the D.C. metro and online. A PR and social strategy was implemented to keep the conversation going during the conference timeframe.


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