Musselman's Case Study

Positioning Product as a Healthy Alternative

A 67% increase in share of segment


Musselman’s needed to identify an effective differentiator to establish themselves within the apple sauce “pouch” segment.


Apple sauce pouches had become the growth driver for the apple sauce category and Musselman’s needed to gain their fair share of this growth opportunity. BRUNNER helped identify a new taste profile – sours - as an opportunity to steal share by offering a healthy alternative with the same great flavor.  


We introduced new Squeezables Sours to moms with grade school-aged children with a series of animated videos highlighting the product’s unique and delicious flavors. The communications strategy included cable TV in key markets and on social media, including food bloggers.


  • 67% increase in Musselman’s share of the apple sauce pouch segment in markets that were a focus for distribution and advertising support
  • 11.4MM+ impressions were achieved via blogger partnerships
  • 2.2MM+ impressions via Facebook campaign, which exceeded campaign goals by 8MM+


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