Emerging Technology

Our mission is to invent new ways to creatively engage the on-the-go consumer through next-generation technology. As one of the first innovation labs, we’ve expanded to offer three services critical to delivering enterprise innovation.

Custom, Enterprise Web and Mobile Technologies

Have a problem that’s never been solved before? We provide technical expertise in the areas of Custom Web Apps, Enterprise Mobile, Platform Architecture & Integration, Software & Hardware Prototyping, Internet of Things, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Incubator Services

Whether you’re a startup, a Fortune 500 company trying to launch a new product, we have the creative thinkers, designers, and developers (front end and back end) to move your idea from concept to commercialization.

Digital Transformation

From strategy and planning, to implementation and measurement, our services are designed to help drive change. BHiveLab’s seasoned team of experts will help you prepare for digital disruption and changing business dynamics.

Interested in how we might transform your business?