WesBanco Case Study

Unique Approach to Commodity Market Yields Millions in New Revenue

New market, unknown brand, big results


WesBanco, a regional bank, entered new markets with an eye towards aggressive growth. With this expansion came the need for a new campaign to support the bank’s vision and to sell product to new consumers. 


With rising home values and lower mortgage debt helping to improve the equity position of American households, there was an opportunity for loan products to lead the messaging in the new markets. Given the sameness of the category, WesBanco would benefit from an opportunity to be unconventional without being over the top.


BRUNNER leveraged WesBanco’s high customer satisfaction levels and targeted current home owners with a charming, first-ever animated campaign and one that was atypical for most banks. The key was to make Wes Banco feel approachable and helpful-like a new neighbor you can count on.


  • Over $52 million in total loan production
  • Exceeded new checking account goal by 100%
  • 10th consecutive year of meeting or exceeding business goals (checking and loan products.)


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