Service + Support

Relationships built on results.

Data science is a foreign language to marketers. So choosing the right digital performance marketing agency—one that delivers on its promises—can be difficult.

You may be on your second or third agency relationship. You might be wary of signing with yet another “big name” firm that promises special proprietary tools, great reporting interfaces, advanced bidding technologies—and then assigns very junior staff members to run your campaigns.

Bigger is not better. Smaller is smarter. Elite is best of all.

The concept is simple—but the execution is complex.

That’s Brunner. Our approach is based on experience earned from managing thousands of campaigns, hundreds of thousands of keywords and millions in marketing dollars.

We listen to our clients. We analyze their business objectives, website content strategy, past successes and current challenges. Then we develop a plan that addresses their needs, resources and goals for the short and long term.

How We Work.

Open communication—from daily support to weekly updates to monthly and quarterly reviews—is vital to the success of your digital performance marketing campaign.

We collaborate with our clients as trusted colleagues and partners. Whatever the size of your company and campaign, with Brunner you work with the “A” team, using approaches that succeeded with brands like Mercedes Benz, Office Depot and JPMorgan/Chase.

That means transparency. No mysteries about the status of your campaign or the whereabouts of your data, which you can access and offload at any time.

Your customer data is the key to your ongoing growth and success. We help you turn it into ROI—measurable, reportable, repeatable.