In the early years of search engine optimization (SEO), “analytics” meant the number of unique visitors to your website. Success was measured by the volume of visits, not necessarily what those potential customers—searching from a stationary desktop—did once they landed.

As veterans in digital performance marketing, we remember these early days—because we were there. And just as we are innovating the digital performance marketing field today, we helped to evolve search engine marketing (SEM) from counters on a home page to data science, where “analytics” is defined by big data, mined from multiple devices across multiple channels. And where business intelligence is not found as a sum on spreadsheets but on dashboards that summarize advanced computational power.

What does that mean for marketers? It means that achieving high, sustainable rankings across the top search engines requires more than a smartly managed keyword set.

And that increased traffic to your SEO-friendly web properties—from hundreds to thousands or millions of visits—is just a start. The real measure of ROI is how your SEO campaign converts the search engine lift into sales and profit. In short, we make it easy for customers to find you at every point in their journey.

And we make it easy for you to understand the “how” of our work. Transparency is the core value of our business. Next to our experience and our ongoing innovations in creativity, data science and technology, it is what sets us apart. Our processes and our technology platforms are transparent.

This is demonstrated from the way we deliver client services to our customized reporting for SEO and all digital performance marketing channels.

Why does this matter to you? All of the data we collect to manage a client project may be off-loaded at any time. It’s your data—one of your greatest business assets. Our job is to help you maximize it for SEO and more in today’s 24-7 digital economy.