Paid Social

Marketers are continuing to shift marketing budgets to digital—and specifically, to social media.

Advertising on Facebook, the most popular platform, is booming. In 2017, Facebook is expected to grow its display advertising business by 32%, driven in large part by video display marketing and by the continuing success of Instagram, which it acquired in 2012.

Ad revenues for the much smaller Snapchat, which operates 100% in mobile display, will grow in excess of 150%. Its market share is expected to more than double by 2019.

Why all the “likes” for social?

Because social media has matured into a robust online commerce platform. Marketers use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other sites to drive direct response—sales, registrations, user actions—in an ever-increasing variety of ways. For mobile, social media outperforms search, display and email.

However, as the demand for advertising rises in a medium where space and—the most precious currency—attention is very limited, many marketers allocate more and more digital budget but reap the same results.

Not our clients. We help marketers to make the most of their paid social investment. Our data-driven approach means we identify where and when your customers are most active. Depending on the platform and their preferred type of content—video? Cat photo? Banner ad?—we target them with the creative most likely to draw their attention and influence their next step.

As with all of our digital performance marketing campaigns, we track and analyze how paid social impacts, and it impacted by, the other channels where customers seek and find you. We adjust elements such as type of content, budget, cadence and channel mix, if needed, as patterns of customer behavior emerge from the data.

From the moment the campaign launches, you can track results in real-time using our proprietary dashboards. We make sure you understand where your marketing budget is being spent, how it is performing and where social advertising fits within the context of your other digital campaigns across desktop and mobile.