Email Marketing

Email was introduced before the internet was available to the public. For many marketers, email is an odd hybrid—widely accessed on mobile devices, but not measured or managed as precisely as other digital tools. Because email is a low-cost channel, most marketers do not invest in the analytics they need to maximize its impact.

At Brunner, we believe email is one of your most powerful tools for connecting with customers and prospects. An email address is costly to acquire. The relationship it represents should not be squandered.

That’s why, for companies beginning (or re-starting) their transition to analytics-based digital marketing, we often suggest they start with email.

We use a data-driven approach and advanced analytics to help brands send the right message at the right time in the customer journey. And not one email more.

How many emails is too many? The answer is in the data. The just-right frequency varies from one customer to the next, but it’s critical to know. Because the path from eager to indifferent to annoyed is very short—and so is the time needed to unsubscribe. Nearly 80% of consumers have unsubscribed from emails because a brand was sending too many. (HubSpot, 2016)

That’s just the beginning of what a data-centered approach can do for your email marketing—and for driving the most intelligent, relevant audience segmentation.

We help clients transform their strategies from “blast all” to finely tuned personalized campaigns. Advanced analytics software allows you to not only discover, but predict patterns of customer behavior with email as an isolated channel or in relationship to paid social, SEO optimized landing pages or other digital strategies.

Applying these findings, marketers can respond to customers in near real time based on trigger events, such as engaging on a brand’s social sites. You can also segment audiences on a wider variety of attributes and better personalize offers and content.

Email may be free but, used incorrectly, it can carry a high cost. Brunner uncovers the true value of this channel for marketers, helping them to understand—and maximize—the ROI email marketing brings when included as an equal contributor to a cross-channel performance marketing campaign.