Data Science

Data science is easy to define. Not so easy to pull off. That’s where Brunner can help.

Our approach to data science is much more than data mining, data analytics, visualization and predictive modeling—though these activities are part of the equation.

Simply put, data science is:

  • Coordinating large amounts of fast-moving data
  • Running it through pattern detection and optimization algorithms
  • Delivering content and functionality aimed at specific audiences and measurable objectives

Whether it’s applied to traditional or digital channels, data science is becoming the core engine of marketing. Why? Because in the right hands—and minds, and technology stack—it works.

That’s what Brunner offers to marketers. Our data scientists and analysts are some of the most experienced in the country.

We help enterprise-level businesses to understand and take control of their data to:

  • Grow sales
  • Decrease marketing costs
  • Enhance marketing speed and efficiency
  • Increase the ROI of marketing efforts—including low-budget campaigns
  • Drive the company’s top and bottom line
  • Expand brand, product and service share

If your business is like most, you are overwhelmed with data. You may not know where to begin.

Our approach is based on a systematic, step-by-step accumulation of data, analysis-driven intelligence, optimization and automation. Meaningful “wins” are important for engaging data owners across the organization, and we build these wins into the project from the early stages.

Getting started is the hardest part. Let’s talk about how we can help.