Reporting and Visualization

What happened yesterday, last quarter, last year?

Your data tells a story. Our reporting platforms translate it into meaningful patterns and findings. At Brunner, we know reports are valuable only if they provide a complete picture of how our work is affecting your bottom line. Our highly customizable best-in-class reporting creates real impact on your business. The approach is as comprehensive as possible in order to truly understand your customers and their behavior—and how that drives increased sales.

Our team tracks not only your efforts, but also the visibility of your top competitors. A deeper level of reports reveals how an increase in site visibility translates to visitors and, ultimately, purchases on your site.

We design these reports from the ground up to show the results of our efforts, across performance marketing channels. These include insights on SEO, SEM, display, paid social, and email. Just as critical, these reports include channels related to key performance metrics identified by our clients.

The Brunner technology approach is centered on our proprietary platform, Performance HQ, and Velocity Analytics. We also use business intelligence (BI) tools, such as Tableau, for further analysis, deeper dives and keener insights.

Our process for reporting and visualizing includes:

  • Business Intelligence (BI) platform development
    • Development of the underlying BI infrastructure
    • Including data feeds and structures (“analytical DB”), technology and processes—permissions and uses, distribution, etc.
  • Management dashboards
    • Development and distribution of high-level management dashboards
    • Including KPIs and important interactivity, such as filters and selections
    • Heavy emphasis on visualization and eye-popping highlights
  • Interactive and power user reports
    • Development and deployment of reporting structure for more sophisticated users and report developers
    • Including custom dimensions and metrics, as well as reporting functionality—maps, selections, drill-thru
  • Testing, tracking and insights
    • Ongoing monitoring and assessment of results via reporting platform
    • Includes test-learn efforts
    • Generation of presentations, including insight and tactical/strategic recommendations