Performance HQ

If your company is like most, you have plenty of data about, and affecting, your customers.

Data from media platforms and ad networks about keywords, impressions, clicks and costs. Business operations data, such as applications, sign-ups, sales, contracts and engagements. Contextual data—competitors, general economy, weather, holidays, regulatory changes.

Data serves your business decisions.

Technology should serve your data.

That’s the ideal—the mountaintop. We’ll help you get there, step by step, with a proven approach that combines business consulting supported by our proprietary technology, Performance HQ.

We help marketers like you to:

  • Get started! We believe in starting small, reporting successes quickly and building incrementally.
  • Aggregate any/all data into a centralized marketing database
  • Delivering content and functionality aimed at specific audiences and measurable objectives
  • Validate the accuracy of your data and clean up where needed
  • Aggregate and streamline daily data collection
  • Automate media channel bidding and budgeting
  • Access updated performance reports 24/7 via online dashboards
  • Define—and assign ROI—to each step of the customer journey
  • Use data and technology to drive transformational business results

Our Performance Marketing platform, Performance HQ, includes:

  • Performance Workbench —a data integration
  • Performance Machine/Velocity Platform —software that analyzes data to generate statistical algorithms that uncover, and forecast, patterns of customer behavior
  • Performance Budget Manager —an interactive tool designed to support account managers in bid management, including budgeting and goal-setting
  • Performance Dashboard —a suite of reports created and delivered via Excel, or Tableau BI reporting platform