Velocity Platform

The Brunner Velocity platform. So fast, it maps the future.

As a marketer working with an increasing volume and variety of digital data, you understand the importance of clustering customer journeys.

Of using historical data to forecast future behavior.

Of uncovering the attributes—and incremental value—of brand touchpoints that led your customer to buy, download, call or click.

Of optimizing the touchpoints that perform with highest ROI.

And automating all of it, across all channels.

That’s why we invented Velocity.

There are hundreds of ways to approach attribution. Velocity is based on years of experience, data science and business intelligence.

It’s the Brunner way of driving results—better, faster and more cost-effective.

Velocity outperforms other platforms because it:

  1. Changes bids daily based on forecasted performance and campaign goals
  2. Accommodates very large campaigns with an unlimited amount of keywords
  3. Optimizes at a micro-regional or national level depending on marketing objectives
  4. Works for both “Brand” (high-conversion) and “Non-Branded” (general) keywords
  5. Succeeds in very challenging data situations (e.g., conversion tracking failures, poorly structured campaigns)
  6. Incorporates a wide variety of external influences and “shocks,” including weather, promotions, budget changes, industry trends and website changes
  7. Integrates offline success metrics such as profitability, approvals and customer segmentation

Bottom line? Velocity lets you quickly identify and optimize your digital budget.

Better results. Higher ROI.

Data in. Actionable Insights out.